1 year on Video Shoppe and Video Deluxe.

Additional Support is $150.00 a year on Lite, $250.00 a year on Video Shoppe and Video Deluxe.

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Video Shoppe

Video Deluxe
Get your video Rental Software on a monthly subscription - no contract!

Setup $100.00

Video Deluxe - Monthly for $45.00 a month.

Video Deluxe Network - Monthly $65.00

Support is included as long as you are subscribed.
Video Shoppe Unlimited: 

Video Deluxe:           
Support prices on network subscriptions are charged a flat rate no matter how many computers you are using!

This includes all service upgrades, major upgrades, and 7 day per week technical support.

All versions are available in Multi-User.

Need internet connection for upgrades or we can ship major upgrades for the cost of shipping and handling.

Requires a code every year.
295.00 for Single User, then only 199.00 a year after that.

495.00 for Single User , then only 299.00 a year after that.

Multi - User Versions
Video Shoppe Unlimited:

Video Deluxe:
295.00 per computer, then only 250.00 (total) a year after that.

495.00 per computer, then only 300.00 (total) a year after that.
All Prices are in US Dollars.
Previously Rented Alert 50.00
Early Return Credit 50.00
Rent(qty) of (type) get next (type) for ($) Special 50.00
Artist Search 50.00
Customer Add Wizard 50.00
Employee Time Clock 50.00
Muti-Memo for Customers 50.00
Rental Add Wizard 50.00
Inventory Utility 150.00
Leditor HTML Email Software 150.00
Import/Export Software
When using the Movie Viewer or Reservation system in Video Shoppe you will need the Inventory Utility.

Video Shoppe will also need the Leditor software for reserves.
Customize your software your way!  These options are available for Video Shoppe.

These options are standard in Video Deluxe.
The following programs are not included with Video Shoppe, or Video Deluxe.
Single means one computer in one store.

Network means multiple computers on a local area network in one store. Ask for special pricing for multiple stores.

* The Video Shoppe Limited Version is limited to 3000 items, expandable to unlimited - Price to expand inventory level is $100.00 per 1000 items at a time, or upgrade to unlimited for the price difference later.

Each inventory expansion you buy counts toward the purchase of the unlimited version.

Inventory Utility is Standard with Video Deluxe. Optional with Video Shoppe.
Leditor is Standard with Video Deluxe. Optional with Video Shoppe.

You will also need to host on our site at vmtwebhosting.com. The reason for this is we know how to use it. We can put our software on your site, but we charge from $250 to $500, depending on the time it takes to learn your web hosting service.
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Video Shoppe Unlimited Single User $595.00

Video Deluxe Single User

Both versions include 1 year support.
Video Shoppe Multi Computer

Video Deluxe Multi Computer

Both versions include 1 year support.
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