Below are the main specifications for Video Shoppe Deluxe. We are always adding and changing the program to meet industry changes. If there is something specific you need, please call, it may already be available.
For more information call 1-800-457-7818 and get a full demo package or request a demo online.
(Items marked with an asterisk * are optional or not included in Video Shoppe)
Please Note:
This is only a partial list of features included in Video Shoppe. Plus, the list would be so long, that you'd get bored reading it. It goes on and on and on and on!!!
So, think about what you need in your store, give us a call, and we'll let you know if we have that feature right away.
Feature Benefits
Windows Interface Faster training time. Clerks are generally younger and familiar with Windows so learn the program quicker. Faster training times save you money.
Point of Sale with or without mouse
Transactions can be done with or without the mouse. No need for mouse at POS screen takes less room and aids in checkout speed. For those that like a mouse the programs works great with it giving you super flexibility.
Printing Barcode * Deluxe version
Not having to buy barcodes saves money. Barcodes are from your existing numbering system.
Support by Phone
E-mail support can be a long series of back and forth question answer sessions. Phone support gives you answers when you need them, not after hours or days of messages while your store is not able to use the software. Reducing down time increases your profit.
9 levels of security on over 100 different program areas.
Flexible security comes with easy preset values. Allows owner to adjust security for parts of the program the clerks and managers are allowed into. This keeps your valuable information safe.
Logs keystrokes at POS screen
Automatic log tracks what clerks are doing during transactions to give you information you need about what your clerks are doing. Indicates possible problem clerks.
Multiple invoice types
Works with 40 column receipt printers, dot matrix printers, ink jet printers and laser printers giving maximum flexibility. Many invoices can be customized to make them special for your store. Saves money by using latest technology and existing printers.
Do sales and rentals on same screen
Saves time being able to sell and rent items at the same time. You can sell almost anything eliminating the need for two software packages, saves you money and training time.
Email marketing * Deluxe version
Email your customers late letters, overdue letters, information about new movies. Builds customer loyalty and repeat business making you more money.
Age checking feature and family members with age restrictions.
Stops minors from buying if they are not old enough. Family members are unlimited and allow you to track everyone in one family. Customers are happy because you can restrict ratings their family members can watch, giving you more repeat business.


  • Full 32 bit Windows application.
  • Complete rental and return can be done without using the mouse! (Or you can use one)
  • Easy to learn, no complicated commands or multiple keys to memorize.
  • New clerks can use program in minutes!
  • 8 different color themes to make the program look the way you want!
  • Actual talking sounds to alert clerks to what is going on, sounds can be turned off, or you can customize them.
  • Photo ID for positive customer identification. *
  • PIN pad compatible, PIN pads are used to verify customer identification.
  • Email marketing to promote your store. *
  • Web Pages are created for your web site. (Optional)
  • Export inventory or customers to ASCII, HTML, Excel spreadsheets or Dbase. (Optional)
  • Help using F1 key.

Phone help in the USA and Canada.

Rental Specials

  • Offer rental discounts using prepaid coupon feature.
  • Real time coupon lets you give a free movie coupon for promotions.
  • Free movies given after XX number of rentals or by purchase amount..
  • Package Price Specials - 3 Movies, 3 Dollars, 3 Days, etc.
  • Movie can be a different rental price every day, or the same.
  • Pricing can be different for special kinds of members, like seniors (unlimited).
  • Different kinds of movies can be rented for a different number of days.
  • Prices for one kind of movie can change depending on number rented at one time.
  • Netflix type memberships possible.
  • Rent # of this kind and get the next # of this kind for $.
  • Call and ask.... there are many ways to set up rental pricing.

    Sales Features

  • Quantity tracking for re-order.
  • Minimum Quantity on Hand to let you know when to re-order.
  • 3 variable quantity price breaks.
  • 4 customer levels for price breaks.
  • Sell any kind of inventory item, popcorn, candy, drinks, party goods, etc.
  • Automatic pricing using set prices, markups, or discounts.
  • Receive button lets you receive quantities of inventory by unit price or total price. This will automatically add to your quantity, and update the cost fields (last cost, average cost, highest cost, lowest cost).
  • Select a simple screen or a more detailed screen for editing sales inventory.
  • Add sales inventory on the fly at the POS screen.
  • Discount individual items or all items at once on the POS screen.
  • Optionally add unlimited serial numbers for sales items. This is great for selling things like DVD players. It can also help with theft problems, Serial numbers are recorded in the customers history for future reference.
  • Bottle deposit feature for states that have bottle deposits.
  • Age checking feature. Stops minors from buying if they're not old enough. Simply put in the age in the inventory item.
  • Several Inventory stock reports.
  • Re-order reports by type, vendor, one vendor, or name.
  • Sales history reports.
  • Many new sales features... a complete POS system!
  • ON/OFF Features
    • Early return credit. *
    • Rewind Fee. *
    • Auto amount tendered, no need to type it in. *
    • Hourly rentals for renting items by the hour, or minute. *
    • Default city, state, zip automatically entered in customer add wizard. *
    • Auto Assign customer ID# (in customer add wizard). *
    • Use Customer add wizard. *
    • Use Inventory Add Wizard for even faster inventory entry. *
    • Rent 2 movies and get one free special. *
    • Alert to movies previously rented to a customer. * Alert to Birthday. *
    • Alert when customer owes money on credit account. *
    • Alert for expired credit card. *
    • Alert for expired membership. *
    • Alert to Reservations at Rental Screen. *
    • Many more options are available in the company setup screen.
  • Standard Features
  • 2 built-in Report writers for custom invoices, reports, barcodes.
  • Pop up windows for wizard entry of customers, inventory, specials, and more!. *
  • Quick search to see if a title is in or out and when it's due back.
  • Simple addition of multiple family members at rental time.
  • Family member feature has rental restriction and rental history shows who rented.
  • Rating check on family members keeps them from renting certain ratings.
  • Handles customer rentals, sales, tans, etc. simultaneously from 1 screen.
  • Do rental, sales and returns with or without the mouse or a combo of both.
  • One work screen for all rental/sales transactions.
  • Find movies by Star or director. *
  • Instant Search for customer
  • ID Number (normal)
  • Last Name (incremental)
  • Drivers License
  • Phone Number
  • Family Member Number
  • Query search by first name, address, city, zip code, and more.
  • Graphic bar chart program shows when a title makes profit and when rentals stop.
  • Employee time clock built in and Employee Scheduling. *
  • Transactions are recorded with clerk name for tracking.
  • Flexible tax percentage .001 to 99.999%.
  • Multiple Taxes. Example; State tax and City tax, one or both. Canada; works with both taxes!
  • Special timed late charge before standard late charge gives late charge flexibility.
  • Reservations and waiting List available from work screen.
  • View customer rental history from rental screen and print if desired.
  • Drivers license search for customers.
  • Tracks customer rental history.
  • Can use a standard retail industry UPC barcodes or alpha-numeric Code 39.
  • Complete Barcode Printing Utility. *
  • Cash register functions, including end of day with full financial transaction report.
  • Customers limited only by hard disk size.
  • Unlimited inventory in deluxe version. ( 3000 or Unlimited Video Shoppe )
  • Unlimited format categories, VHS, Beta, Laser, DVD, Etc.
  • Security
  • 9 levels of security in each of over 100 different areas keep clerks out of important areas, or allow them in, your choice.
  • Security levels are preset, so you only have to worry about the ones you want to change.
  • Assign a user name and/or a password to each clerk. You may also enter other pertinent clerk information here such as SSN, DOB, full name, wages, etc.
  • Password levels are pre-set for different areas in the program assuming a level 9 for the owner, 7 for managers, and 5 for clerks. Then you can customize where you want to allow your managers and clerks to have access to by simply changing the security level for any particular area.
  • NEW: Keystroke logging at the POS/Rental screen.
  • All reports have security, even customizable reports.
  • Pressing the change clerk button lets you walk away from the computer so you or another clerk must login to access.
  • Areas of security are categorized to make it easy to find any particular area. For instance, select Financial reports to see only the reports in that category.
  • Printing Invoices
  • Print invoices on plain paper, or pre-printed invoices. ( Multiple invoices to choose from. )
  • 2 different report writers to allow you to customize windows invoices.
  • Print invoice on dot matrix, 40 column, ink jet, thermal, or laser printers.
  • Customize your invoices with the report writer.
  • Customize your credit card slips with the report writer.
  • For 40 column printers you can print any number of invoices, as well as 1 credit card slip for you, and 1 for your customer, all automatically.
  • Returns
  • Return tapes from the rental screen, all for one customer or just one.
  • Bulk returns for fast check in with or without barcodes.
  • Automatically brings in late charges owed.
  • Instant notification of duplicate drivers license when adding a new customer.
  • Reservation alert.
  • Global Rental Quantity Limit.
  • Customer Tax Exempt option.
  • Discount feature for sales items on POS Screen.
  • Supports Serial Numbers on Sale Items.
  • Has custom customer agreement forms.
  • Membership Subscription option.
  • Sounds alert when item is returned correctly or not.
  • (Items marked with an asterisk * are optional or not included in Video Shoppe)
  • REPORTS - This is only a partial listing. There are over 100 Standard Reports.
  • The built in report writer has over 25 customizable reports, or write your own. There are not 1, but 2 report writers available.
  • Report writer for custom invoices or reports.
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly financial transactions.
  • Income by sales/rental categories. (New, regular, etc.).
  • Rental/Sale Item Performance, with turns.
  • Performance by type (New Movies, Regular, etc.)
  • Performance by Class (Drama, Action, etc.)
  • Employee commission reports.
  • Exception report records prices that are changed by clerks.
  • Daily Reservation List.
  • Waiting List.
  • Date Selectable due list.
  • Customers with late charges.
  • Physical Inventory report.
  • Physical Inventory for one type (New, Regular, etc.)
  • Complete Title list.
  • Videos bought, by date, with performance.
  • Late rentals.
  • History of one video.
  • Print customer history.
  • Category totals, new movies, regular movies, pop, candy, etc..
  • Customer list by name.
  • Customer list by ID#.
  • Sales Tax report.
  • Statements for people with overdue movies or late charges.
  • Late letters with detail of late movies.
  • Movies Due letters with detail of movies due back.
  • Most reports have a media filter to print reports on DVD, VHS, Etc.
  • Top xx customers
  • Bottom xx customers
  • Create any number of custom letters which can be used at any time.
  • Choose existing letters from pop up window.
  • Choose one or more customers from pop up windows, or choose to send to all customers.
  • Letters are pre-formatted to be sent to customers.
  • Customer name and address, store return name and address are automatically printed.
  • Use letters to notify customers of new specials, late charges, or almost anything.
  • Automatically select customers with late movies.
  • Automatically make mailing labels for customers you have printed letters to.
  • Print mailing labels for all customers.
  • Prints bar codes on ink jet or laser.*
  • Prints DVD or VHS case covers.*
  • Allows you to make a custom ink jet or laser invoice.
  • and More!!!!

    Barcode Reading.

    All versions of Video Deluxe for Windows work with USB or Keyboard wedge barcode readers. You do not have to have a barcode reader, but you can add one at any time. The Inventory Utility program prints barcodes for labels and has a built in report generator to print barcodes to labels, make dvd or vhs cases, or any kind of report for inventory utilizing barcodes, and almost any kind of label. The Inventory Utility Software is standard with the Deluxe Version of Video Shoppe, (optional with Video Shoppe). The inventory utility allows easy manipulation of your rental and sales inventory. The inventory utility software allows you to change the price of all of one kind of movie at once, transfer a group of movies from one type to another, delete a group of movies, change rating types, transfer a group of movies to sales, and much more...

  • Make all of one item type taxable, or non-taxable.
  • Make all of one item type eligible to rent free.
  • Transfer selected rentals to sales automatically.
  • Change all the settings for one type of item pricing at once.
  • Move blocks of one kind of item to another.
  • You can use your laser or ink jet printer to print Barcode labels/name labels DVD covers.
  • Select Inventory by individual id number (or barcode), type, class, location, format, ID number range, rented or not... and at the same time filterable by date bought and/or last rented date.
  • After items are selected they can be printed, changed, deleted, or copied.
  • Count your inventory one item type or classification at a time by scanning in a certain item type or classification, then running the built in missing inventory checker. It will compare your rental inventory to items scanned and let you know what is missing. It accounts for items checked out. This way you can do your New releases one night, Action the next night, drama the next, etc.

    Use the inventory utility in combination with the Vidport import/export program to help with your racking, so you can move rentals from one store to another.

    System Requirements... Note: Just about anything you purchase these days will work just fine.

    • Computer:
      • Pentium 500 MHz or faster (Anything NEW today)
      • Workstation Pentium 500 MHz or faster. (Anything NEW today)
    • Printer:
      • Ink Jet or Laser for reports.
      • For receipts, 40 Column printer
      • For Barcode printing, Eltron Omega or Ink Jet/Laser using our Utility program.
    • Memory:
      • 2GB RAM or more.
    • Disk Space:
      • 120 MB for program, Recommend at least 4GB or better hard drive.
    • Operating System:
      • Windows XP, XP Pro, Vista, Windows7, etc.
    • Options:
      • Keyboard wedge or USB interface barcode scanner.
      • Web Camera for Photo ID, USB interface.
      • Pole Display, RS-232 ( Serial ) interface (Emax Compatible).

    Click Here for Hardware we have available.

    All specifications subject to change without notice. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.

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