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VMT Software has been writing and selling software for video rental stores since 1989, a long time! The owners are Don Stracener and Ray Rippey.

We use Clarion, a product from Soft Velocity. Originally it was a DOS language, and in 1997 they came out with their Windows system so we could program for Microsoft Windows. We started the Windows version of our software in 1997, and released our first 32 bit Windows program in July of 2000.

Since then the software has gone through a major upgrade approximately every 9 months, with several interim updates in between. We are always working on the software, adding anything we can to help video stores both in the day to day running of the store, and now with several marketing tools to help market the store.

VMT is located in Southern Oregon about 50 miles from the Oregon California border on I-5 in a town called Rogue River, which is located on the Rogue River.

We are open from 9 to 5 pacific time, Monday thru Friday. If you call our tech support line it is transferred to somebodys cell phone after hours, weekends, and Holidays.

1-800-457-7818 for Sales
1-541-582-4744 for Tech Support
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