Gift Card System

Gift Cards are available from VMT Software.

Our gift cards are easy to use and very secure. We will make them with your custom artwork. They use a closed system, so you don't need internet, and you don't pay any extra fee's to use them. All you pay for is the actual cards and a small one time fee for the artwork.

Gift cards are a great way to promote your store. Click below to read some articles by Mark Riffey about gift cards. By the way, our gift cards are the private label / Store Only gift cards. And our artwork is much less than a couple hundred bucks. Here is a picture of the gift cards we made for our client New Wave Video...
Note that on the front of the card it represents the store, and promotes the gift card itself, as well as the web site.

On the back is all the store information with the disclaimer, and also an optional QR code. If you have a smartphone you can scan the QR code and it will take you to a pre-set web page on your web site. Go ahead and scan the code above to see the New Wave web page.

Here are some interesting links to learn more about what you can do with gift cards:
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