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Not only do we use Xcharge, our software interfaces directly to Xcharge. Click Here for more information:
The Rentrak PPT® model lets retailers across North America acquire videos from major studios at a low cost in exchange for sharing part of their rental revenue with the supplier. Using PPT®, retailers lease videocassettes instead of purchasing them, reducing their risk and allowing them to bring in more copies of popular titles and a greater variety of other titles. An improved selection helps increase consumer satisfaction and the retailers' competitive edge in their marketplace.

Rentrak distributes products for six of the eight major studios, including Disney, Paramount, Fox, Universal, MGM and Dreamworks, as well as for 30 other independent video suppliers that release almost all of their rental-priced titles through Rentrak’s PPT® System.
Specialty Store Services is your #1 source for everything you need to run a successful video store. We have over 6000 items in stock and ready to ship!

Everything from DVD and CD cases, displays, bags, signs, cash registers, security systems, gumball machines, candy, shelving, rental security cases, display counters, popcorn poppers and so much more!  Guaranteed low prices and great customer service.

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Retail store fixtures and supplies

WYSIWYG Web Builder is one of the easiest programs we've used to build websites. Not only is it easy, it's actually a lot of fun to use. And, it's got a ton of built in features that let you build a great looking website in no time at all.

We use it for about 30 websites. We also use it to incorporate our proprietary code that allows you to display your selected inventory items or movies online.
Click to find out More! WYSIWYG Web Builder 8
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