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We are compatible with X-Charge Software for processing your credit cards. We are using the X-Charge interface which is PCI compliant at VMT Software.

If you've never done this before, there are a few things you should understand.

1) No matter who you sign up with for credit card processing, the processor sends the money directly through to your bank. So you don't need to sign up with your bank for credit card processing.

2) If you sign up through your bank (for CC processing), you will have to purchase some sort of payment processing software.

3) Our software does not process your credit card. Our software interfaces with another software program that actually does the payment processing. (X-Charge)

You will want to take into account your rates and fee's when you signup to a credit card processor. For retail stores doing smaller transactions it is better to go with a higher percentage and a lower per-transaction fee. For stores doing higher ticket items just the opposite can be true.

We are recommending X-Charge because the software is free and they have good rates. If you are currently using a machine, you will find you can save some money by processing through software, and much more efficient.

We use X-Charge with our business here at VMT. When you make an order with us, we are using the same program that you are purchasing. So we know how it works. It works great over the local network. We just installed it on one machine, told Best Seller where the X-Charge program was located, and it worked instantly.

Our Friends at X-Charge sent us the following information so we could inform you about what they have to offer.

With X-Charge there are no startup fees, application fees or contracts and we have excellent customer service so you would never need to talk to the processor.  Our rates are black and white and we don't have any junk fees such as:

1.  No Misc authorization fee
2.  No Batch fee
3.  No Wats fee
4.  No Gateway fee
5.  No fee for declines
6.  No fee for returns
7.  No software cost
8.  No software upgrade fee
9.  No fraud or double entry errors
10. No contract for the merchant services account
Now, right within the VMT software your customers can pay for purchases using any major credit card. The VMT software will process through a dial up or high-speed Internet connection and then deposits the funds right into your existing bank account. You'll no longer need to purchase and maintain outdated credit card terminals and printers. Customers love this new feature because credit cards can be approved in as little as 2 seconds, and payment information is shown on the same POS receipt.
We also offer a free analysis of your current Merchant Statement. This analysis is a reality check to look at your fee structure and total cost of credit card processing.  Also, it will show how much money you would save by using X-Charge. This way you'll be able to see how much money you would save, along with the benefits of integration. We are able to save our clients money over 95% of the time.

X-Charge is far beyond simple rate quoting for credit card processing. This is new technology that VMT researched and deemed a valuable addition to their program because all of it provides intangible benefits that aren't always so obvious until it has been implemented.  These benefits free the staff up to spend more time where it counts and where they want to spend it, with the customers.

X-Charge is always current with technology.
Security updates occur that require merchants to purchase/lease new terminals in order to remain current.  If merchants donít remain current they are subject to higher processing cost.  With X-Charge changes occur in the software.  X-Charge software is shipped to merchants, cost included.  When received merchants simply contact our tech support for installation instructions.  Merchants are always current and never subjected to higher processing cost! 

Integration Eliminates the Chance for Fraud or Error Due to Double Entry

Using one of our software solutions and X-Charge, no re-keying of the sales amount is required.    The amount tendered in the program is exactly what is authorized via X-Charge.   This integration virtually eliminates the chance for fraud or error. 

Integration Provides a One-to-One Audit Trail

Every credit card transaction has a corresponding transaction within X-Charge, never missed or erroneously keyed.  

X-Charge Consumes NO Counter Space

Counter space is at a premium.   X-Charge software runs directly on the Your POS station replacing standalone bank terminals, reducing the clutter at the checkout counter and providing more valuable space for selling. 

X-Charge is FAST

Credit Card transactions are authorized in less than 10 seconds.  2 to 3 seconds using high speed Internet. 

X-Charge is EASY For Your Clerks

Your clerks simply tender the sale normally and swipe the customers credit card Ö X-Charge does the rest.  Your clerks will no longer have to move from the POS station, to the standalone terminal, back to the POS station.

ONE RECEIPT For Your Customers

No longer will you have to issue a POS System receipt AND a separate credit card receipt, a more professional solution.

Data, Data, Data

X-Charge can print meaningful management reports, allowing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and user defined time period reporting.  Much more information than stand alone credit card terminals can provide.

X-Charge information page and sign up.

Credit Card Processing...

Let's compare any processing system against our X-Charge system and see which one is going to make you more money..

Let's say your processing is FREE, that's right they don't charge you a dime to process cards!

Let's make ours cost more than it really does and say it's $50.00 a month..

No Brainer? Stay with yours and save $600.00 a year, right?

WRONG!  Why?

First, you can not, repeat, can not store credit card numbers in your store or software. PCI Compliance will fine you HUGE amounts if one customer complains and they (we all know about them) come to your store...

With our X-Charge interface our video rental software stores a vault ID... A special combination of the credit card number and your store number...

So you might say, so what, but here's the deal...

You can go back to a customers account and use that vault ID to recover 50% or more of your late fee's and non-returned movies...

So now you make $3000, $4000, maybe $6000, or more back from those late fees and non-returned movies..

Which one is the no brainer now??

The X-Charge software is free, the install is free....

Put yourself and your store on the path to more profits...... Click Below to read testimonials and Get Started.
Don and Ray at VMT,
Back in November I saw your ad recommending XCharge as a credit card vendor in order to help in collecting late fees, etc.  I was needing something like
that in order to help recoup some of the losses I was experiencing in late charges.  Which is a lot of money.  Anyone in this business knows that late
charges are a sore subject to customers.  Well I was skeptical of all the benefits I could gain through this, but I called you guys and then Xcharge and
switched over in mid November and dropped my other credit card vendor.
Immediately I saved over 40 per month just in rental fees on my other credit card equipment.  Then my first settlement from Xcharge was over 50 dollars
cheaper than with the other vendor.  I have been billed 4 times so far from Xcharge and my savings are somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 to $110
per month over my old credit card vendor including rental fees.  I couldn't be happier.  But that is not the bright spot.  Now, with some degree of
confidence, I can use the Xcharge system to get late fees from all of those people who use the credit card. Not all do, but a lot do.  I am now requiring a
credit card to start a new account, where before I had no way of storing legally the credit card information, and now I feel pretty confident that those who
refuse to start an account without using a credit card are the ones I don't want to rent to anyway.  My new accounts have dropped a little, but my losses
have also dropped from people not bringing movies back.  As to date, I am averaging $150 to $200 dollars a week to my revenue by using the Xcharge
system to charge my customers late charges where I couldn't have before- Just praying they would pay some of the late charges they had accumulated.  I
give a deal on late charges anyway, and this has helped me in more ways that you can imagine.  This is absolutely the best thing I have done for my
business.  Skeptical at first.  But a true believer now.  This will generate, I estimate, around $10,000 extra in revenue for me this year.  That a bunch of
rentals at $2.00 a pop which is my rental price.  This is no joke..  I invite anyone to email me about this. 

Also I starting using the Video Display around the same time.  My clerks always hated to ask for late charges.  Like I say, its a sore subject.  With the
Video Display, I have another monitor set up so the customers can see.  You have to have a system with two video cards which I did, but you can buy a
2nd video card cheap if you need one.  The other monitor the customer sees, shows them the transaction data, and also the accumulated late charges.  All
the customers, bar none, always look at this and say " I didn't know I had late charges", or "I didn't know they were that much."  This has helped
tremendously in generating extra income through late charges for me.  Like I say, I give deals on late charges, but this has helped me gain several hundred
dollars a month in late charge revenue. That's right. Several hundred dollars a month.  All the customers have to do is see it in print what their late charges
are and it works.  The Video Display has several advertising capabilities which I don't use all of its potental.  I do use to to show a message to check the
customer's address and phone number. But you can use it to show movies for the week, or deals or specials for the week.  This I hesitated buying for a
long time.  But another investment turned out to be gold.
I recommend that if any of your customers haven't used Xcharge and don't have the capability of charging, legally, late charges by their customers through
the credit card capabilities, then they need to switch (yesterday if possible) to this system. This is gold in the hands of us "mom and pop" video store
owners just hoping we will make it.  Without late charges I couldn't survive.  This has made just survival into profit.   The Video Display program is very
important too.  These two items are indispensible to me now.  I don't know now I ever got along without them.
I am now trying your web site deal.  I am looking forward to getting that squared away asap and getting into the website business.  I have a Red Box sitting
just 35 feet from my front door outside at a Dollar General Store.  I have to do all that I can, not just to stay up with it, but to beat it.  I am not going to let
Red Box put me out of business.  I am going to beat them at their own game.
Like I say.  Anyone who wants to contact me, I will honestly give them a very positive testimonial for these products.
I'm a video store in a small midwest town of about 2000 people and I need everything I can to keep the customers coming in, and knowing that my movies
are coming back to me and the late charges are paid on a regular basis.
These products of yours work.  No Lie.  They work.
Yours Truly,
Mike Smock, Owner
Scenic River Video
Doniphan, Missouri
We opened our DVD Rental Store in 2009 in a small rural community in the Hill Country of Texas. We purchased Video Shoppe software as our Point of
Sale and chose X-Charge as our credit card processor. X-Charge is the only software that will work smoothly with Video Shoppe. It allows you to store
a vault ID on each customers account while maintaining the security of that information for the customer. X-Charge's processing fees are competitive, or in
many cases less, than other processing companies.
In the event the customer does not return a film or returns it late, you can charge the customers credit card for the appropriate fees.
We have been lucky in that most of our films are returned. However, I have used this function several times in order to obtain payment when films are not
returned, as reflected in the rental agreement signed by the customer when they open their account.
We are very pleased with Video Shoppe and with X-Charge.   Movie Street & Music, Canyon Lake, Texas
Read Another Testimony From One of our Video Stores...
"We have a C-Store/Car Wash with a 2000 title inventory in our Video Dept. Just started a facebook page, Olsonís Market, so slowly
getting on the social networking bandwagon. ĎLikeí us, we need all the likes we can get! I am going to go with Marathonís Open Store
program perhaps in the spring for unlimited texts, etc. (side note from VMT.. We have a system available for unlimited texts now too!)
On another note, in Sept 2012 at your urging and most importantly with your help, we went with X-Charge. That process because of your
help was easy, fast and seamless. We are a small, one-store-mom & pop, operation but in a few short months we have generated >
$1500.00 in paid late fees. We are not getting rich on that but to us it is like finding money in the street! We are chagrined to think of the
$$ we have left on the table over the years by not having this option! It is SO easy to find and charge late fees, thank you for your
persistence, emails and urging us to keep up with the times!
Thank you for being a valued resource in the struggle to try to retire before we are 90! J
Leslie Olson, Olsonís "
It's Email's Like This That Make Us Smile!
This is a small convenience store that in a few short months has put an extra 1500.00 in her pocket!
It's simple...
Using our credit card processing will make you money.... why are you waiting?