Receipt Printers

Although our software can print a receipt or invoice on just about any printer, a good receipt printer will save you a lot of money. Printing receipts on an ink jet printer will cost you a fortune. You will still want an ink jet or laser printer to print your reports.

Our favorite printer is the Star TSP 100 series printers. We have sold hundreds of them and they do not get returned. Our customers are very happy with them. And of course it is much easier for us to set them up, because we have them here.

And unlike most printers you purchase these days, this printer comes with everything to print, including the driver.

TSP 100 Thermal Printer

The TSP100 futureprint is the first printer that is delivered with all necessary accessories. Everything, including the internal power supply, USB cable, wall and vertical mounts, driver CD, sample paper, quick set-up guide, power switch cover, and paper guide, are all shipped in one box.


Receipt Printer for Video Store Rental Software
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