At this time we only sell touch screen computers, and they work very well. However, you can run our software on just about anything that is available these days. And we don't force you to run our software on only the computers we sell.

You can get computers cheap on-line these days. If you're not prepared to take a screwdriver to your computer, make sure you get some sort of in-house, come to your business, support. That is the good thing about buying locally... you can go knock on their door!

Whatever you do, make sure you have some sort of service, and a good return policy if a part is bad. You may get a warranty on a computer, but if you have to ship it back because you didn't buy the extended service, it could cost you.

Always assume a new computer is going to have problems, then when they occur, you won't be as upset, because you'll be prepared. However, most computers you'll get will run just great for many many years.

As a business owner you should not keep a computer longer than 3 years. I mean you can, but you'd better have a backup.
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