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Software Tour - Specials

Example: Rent 10 that cost at least $3.00 or spend $30.00 and get 1 free. You can leave a price out and only get a free movie when you rent 10 or any number at a certain price.
Rent x movies of ALL types or a specific type and get ALL or a specific type of movie for 0 or a price you enter. Days of Special 1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wedsday, etc. So Monday and Friday would be 15.
Coupons: Sell a block of movies for a certain price.
Matrix: Change the price of a movie for a certain days or days. You can make a Matrix for each day you want a different price. See Matrix button for details.
Inventory Specials: Make a group of rental or sales items, or both combined for a certain price. Like 3 movies for 3 days for $3.00, or 2 movies with popcorn and soda for a certain price. You can also set the day or days the special is good for.
On Sale items: Sales items that are on sale. Pick a type of item or a certain item, then the date range of the special. Then decide how you want it priced.
Memberships: These can be a timed membership with limited rentals and types or used with the Matrix to give special prices to groups, like seniors.