Massive Inventory Selection

The first thing you'll notice is you can select inventory by a number of different options. The idea is you create a list of inventory you want to change by using the Select Tools, then you change just the inventory you selected by using the Change Tools. So if you wanted to change a bunch of New Released to Regular movies, you can select New Releases you purchased between 2 different dates, then change all of those inventory items to REG. This can be done in seconds.

Below are some of the selection options.

Select by Item Type

Select by Class (or Genre)

Select by Format (DVD, VHS, etc.)

Select by Location

Select by ID number range

Select by ISBN, Part, or Store number

Select All

Each selection option above can also be filtered by:

Date Purchased

Last Date Rented or Sold

Sales Items Only

Rental Items Only

Items only currently rented

Items not currently rented

So I could select all my Comedy movies that were purchased in August and September of last year so I can put them up for sale, or just print a list (as an example). There are hundreds of ways to

You may also select inventory by scanning individual items, with or without quantities. (You would only use quantities for sale items).

Massive Changing Options

Here is where the power really shows up. Because you've already selected the inventory to work with, you can now print out a list, print barcodes (see below), or change the inventory fields listed below:

Change selected inventory to One Item Type (which means you can change rentals to sales or sales to rentals).

Change selected inventory to One Item Classification

Change selected inventory to One Item Location

Change selected inventory Used Type and Used Price (for when you sell a rental)

Delete the Actual Inventory and associated History.

Printing Options

A Simple List of Items Selected

A Quantity List for Inventory Purposes

A blank list for inventory purposes (if you scan something in that doesn't exist in inventory).

Barcode Printing Options

Several kinds of Barcodes using the built in report writer.

Cases covers with or without barcodes that can be modified to suit your needs.

DVD Case Covers

VHS Case Covers

Multiple kinds of labels with or without barcodes using the Dynamic Label programs. Many standard labels are already setup.

Donut or Core labels for affixing directly to a DVD or CD (the center).

Extra Barcode Utility

We created another barcode utility (built into the Inventory Utility) that lets you select a certain inventory item (usually for a sales item), and lets you print the same label multiple times. This works great for $5 DVD bins for example.

You can also pre-create barcodes that are not yet in your inventory. You tell the program how many sheets (how many are on each sheet), the starting number, and how many digits you want. It will print your ID number, the barcode, and a description, price or your store name on each label.

There are small labels, large labels, Core Donut Labels (for DVD centers), and price labels for sale items. This is great for pre-printing your barcodes, then assigning them to each Item as you receive them. Then you just scan the barcode and enter the inventory description, etc., as usual.

Doing your Inventory

Using Video Shoppe and the Inventory Utility you can do a complete inventory of your store or even a warehouse. You will usually want to do just a section at a time, so you can just scan in your new releases (Item Type) and run the compare process just on the New item Type. You can also compare just one Classification (or Genre), one Format, One Location, or all inventory at once.

For rental items, the compare programs check to see if the item is rented out. If it is, it is not considered missing. All rental items only have a quantity of 1, so quantities do not need to be checked.

If you are doing sales items, each time you scan an item it will increase the quantity, so the program will just compare quantities and allow you to adjust your quantities in inventory. If an item in that category or location is not scanned, and there is a listing in your inventory, it will be considered missing and show up in the missing list.

You can also import data for comparison from an external text file that you would get from a PDA scanner or some external scanner that stored your barcode numbers. This makes it easy to have multiple people doing inventory at once.

This program allows you to do a complete inventory without using any paper. Simply use your scanner, PDA Scanner, external laptop with a scanner, and you can do everything without moving your inventory or writing things down.

Video Rental Software  Inventory Utility

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This is a program that can many things you need to do with your inventory, but on a massive scale.
It is a very powerful program, and needs to be used wisely. Most people that discover it use it all the time.

Below is a list of it's features:

Here is a brief Summary of things you can do with the Inventory Utility for Video Shoppe:
Massively Select Inventory Items (Sales or Rentals)
Scan in Items to create your list
Change certain Inventory fields using the selected list
Do Inventory in your store or warehouse by sections (locations), Item types, Genres, or All at once.
Print Various types of barcodes, Case printing, reports, lists and much more.
Use the built in report writer to create reports (with or without barcodes) or barcode labels.
Pre-Create Barcodes for future inventory.
Create Multiple of one barcode (for multiple sale items).